Repair Your Safe With Help from a Qualified Locksmith On Oahu

Restore your residential or commercial safe back to working order with our 24-hour locksmith services. We will come to your location and repair the problem quickly, getting your safe or vault open as fast as possible and repairing the problem on site. In addition to repairs, our commercial locksmith can also remove and replace vaults and business safes. Whatever your commercial or residential locksmith needs, trust us to exceed your expectations.


Get the safe and keysmith services you need by calling us today at (808) 696-9421 or (808) 456-8500.

A safe being repaired by Ray's Lock and Key

Protect Your Values

  • Protect your valuables with a fully functional home safe.
  • Repair faulty safes at your business anytime with a 24-hour locksmith.
  • Replace lost keys or locking mechanisms.
  • Remove old safes and install new ones to ensure your valuables are fully protected.